Monday, May 12, 2008

If you dont ask, you dont get.

Human beings in all walks of life struggle to get what we want. For fundraisers this struggle is particularly troublesome in that the job of fundraisers is to ask for money and to make those who give money feel good about it and secure that there resources are going to a good use.

It is exremely imprtant whether you are knocking on doors, making phone calls or writing compelling fundraising letters, to do away with this shyness. Two key points; donors wont give more than they are able to give. Donors wont give anything if they are never asked.

Very rarely is a person offended by being asked in a polite way to support a cause. In those instances when a potential donor does take personal offense apologize, in a sincere way. Great fundraisers are not only capable of humbly apologizing for any perceived slight; they secure donations as well. Being able to do this requires a skill-set consisting of knowledge of human nature self-confidence and persistence. These tools aren't developed overnight, but they can be mastered with practice.

A good example of the importance of respecting all Donors can be found in the biblical tale of the widows mite. In it, a poor woman is mocked for her small donation. Jesus acting as a fundraiser here remarks that her donation is more valuable than that of wealthier people who gave much less of a percentage of their fortune than the widow gave. No donor is more or less important than another. Treating all donors with courtesy and respect builds character in a fundraiser.'s_mite

Ask whether you feel you know the answer or not. Be polite and respectful of all people whether they give a a large donation or nothing at all. In the long run this strategy is always a successful one

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